October 23/3016

Just a few items of note on this October day. We’ve continued to grow and expand the Lārhūs Fyrnsdia site with new articles, as well as attempting to streamline the information we have made available.

There have been three notable publications that are considered important foundations to our practice of Heathenry, which I encourage everyone who may not have read them to do so, as you wish. If you missed them, they are:

We’ll continue to be building off of these practices in future articles. Stay tuned!

You may have noticed that we had made a call for submissions of the Lārhūs Handboc in August for a release by October 15, but that Handboc has failed to materialize.

The three of us (Wōdgār, Ceadda, and I) have decided to indefinitely place the project on hiatus, due to lack of interest and community submissions. We want to thank everyone who showed an interest and offered support of the work. It was simply just too hectic trying to wrangle last minute creativity for submission.

We are discussing filling the void with a monthly one-page newsletter, or some other easy-to-produce periodical, until such a time that we have the support and interest to bring the Handboc back.

As always, if you have some perspective that you wish us to approach as practitioners of Fyrnsidu, don’t hesitate to email us, or engage with us on our Facebook page and group!

Mārcus Arminius

May 29/2016


We’ve recently done a few things behind the scenes here, necessitating some updates from us to you. First and foremost, we’ve expanded the Lārwitan to three. Welcome Ceadda Þunoring as the newest member of our little council. Wōdgār and I have been watching this little project grow and felt that Ceadda would offer a steady hand to help shore up any weaknesses which we may have. Huzzah!

Secondly, expect the next issue of the Handboc within the coming weeks. We’ve had a great deal more interest in its publication this time, and we’re excited to share it with you all. Here’s hoping that interest continues to grow for it! We get a lot of great ideas and material, but unfortunately, we’ve got to be a little choosy with what we put in the file so as to not make it unmanageable. We deeply appreciate everyone who has expressed interest.

Finally, after a bit of time, we’re once again going to be focusing on prioritizing content for this site. With three writers to share the burden (and a bit of a rest), we’re ready and able to start providing more knowledge for our readers, as well as expanding on some of our own views. If there’s anything you’d like us to tackle, please, let us know! Otherwise we’ll do it as it comes to us.

That’s all! Carry on, then.

– Mārcus Arminius

May 3/2016


Well, the first issue of the Handbōc went really well, although there were some issues with the overall design that will need to be addressed in the second issue. We’ve also decided to scrap the idea of a singular theme for every issue. I personally find it created a lot of repetition and was a bit stifling creativity-wise.

Also, to those who have previously emailed the Lārhūs from the contact page and failed to receive a response from us, I apologise. For some reason everything sent through the contact form was being filtered through to our spam folder. I will try and rectify this situation, and if I can’t, I will try to be extra vigilant.

-Wōdgār Inguing

February 25/2016


Gōdne dæġ.

Since the last news update we’ve been continuing to add resources and background to the site, although we are still very much unfinished, and probably will be for the foreseeable future. We are a small group, doing this in our free time with no expectation of reward, so it comes as we can tackle it.

Wōdgār’s been focusing on the majority of content, while I have been attempting to streamline some of the more administrative goals and expectations of both the site and the individuals who constitute the Lārwitan. Both the ‘bylaws‘ and ‘aims‘ pages of the Lārhūs Fyrnsdia have been updated to reflect the reality of this site as an open source, free-of-charge service for the proliferation of Anglo-Saxon heathenry. I encourage everyone to read through them.

Wōdgār and I have also been speaking about launching an ancillary ezine service to highlight more creative endeavors of an Anglo-Saxon and Anglo-Saxon Heathen nature. This, like the Lārhūs Fyrnsida itself, will be a free publication of an as-yet indeterminate length. This leaves the website free to be an educational resource while still providing a human quality to the service we wish to highlight.

We’re excited and optimistic about continuing to provide the community with our talents and ambitions. Please engage with us on the Facebook page if you have any questions.

– Mārcus Arminius


January 16/2016

Wesaþ hāl, frēondas eall!

Well, here is it, the bare bones of the Lārhūs website exposed. Please bear in mind, this website is and probably always will be a work in progress. As we learn and write and grow as Heathens, so too will the Lārhūs.

For the immediate, expect to see an expansion of the language aspect of the site as well as sound files to help with pronunciation. One of the most common questions I’ve been asked since starting the Fyrnsidu group on facebook is, “how do I pronounce [insert deity name] properly?”, so we’re hoping these sound files, courtesy of Cefin Beorn’s intimate knowledge of Old English, will help with that. As I’m typing this, I’m also thinking a FAQ section may be in order.

Please be aware, the Lārhūs is intended as a teaching tool, a jumping off point to further study and exploration, not as a replacement for face-to-face Heathenry. We are not a meta-tribe and we hope the information found on this site will at some point be used for the purpose of forming new meatspace kindreds/tribes/hearths/study groups etc. Remember, as Heathens we are doers.

-Wōdgār Inguing