The following is a list of terminology specific to both Fyrnsidu and the Lārhūs Fyrnsida. Please note, some of these terms are reconstructions and do not appear in the Anglo-Saxon corpus proper.

The Old Custom ( Anglo-Saxon Heathenry)

Fyrnsidere (masculine)/ Fyrnsidestre (feminine)- One who practices Fyrnsidu

Þingere (Masculine)/ Þingestre (Feminine)- An intercessor, a priest/priestess

Rēcels- Incense

Wyrd- The Anglo-Saxon concept of Fate

Orlǣg –  Your ‘First-Law’, Inherited luck

Mǣgen – The ‘energy’ or ‘power’ inherent in all things, similar to the Chinese concept of Qi, the Māori concept of Mana or the Iroquois concept of Orenna.

Blōt Ritual (blood) sacrifice

Offrung- An offering

Rēcelsbūc – A vessel for holding incense

Heorþ – The hearth / home

Sibbe – Your extended family

Folc  – Your tribe / greater community.

Wīgbed / Wēofod –  An altar

Wīg / Wīh – An idol

Bernelāc – A burnt offering

Bēd – Prayer

Wīntiber – Offering of wine / libation

Hālgian – To make holy, to hallow

Hālig – The ‘holy’ or ‘sacred’

Weorþungstōw – A place of worship

Hearh – A temple

Hūselfæt – Sacrificial vessel / offering bowl

Friþ – Peace, familial obligation and protection

Griþ – Peace or truce limited to a time and or place