Our Friends

Allodium Francorum – An excellent resource for those interested in Thia Frankisk Aldsido (Frankish Heathenry).

The Longship – A great resource for 101 lvl Heathenry. New to Heathendom? Check it out!

Senobessus Bolgon – Up and coming website for those interested in practicing the religion of the Belgic tribes.

Hellenic Faith – An informative website dedicated to Julian Hellenism, a form of Later Graeco-Roman polytheism

Blogs of Note

Wind in the Worldtree

The Welsh Heathen

Seolfor Cwylla Heorþ

Of Axe and Plough


Tegoslougos Carnobodua

Germanic Language Resources


Frankish Dictionary (in German)

Bosworth & Toller Anglo-Saxon dictionary 

English-Gothic Dictionary

Glossary from Joseph Wright’s Grammar of the Gothic Language

Gutiska Waurda

English-Old Norse Dictionary

Old High German Dictionary

Etymological Dictionary of Proto-Germanic

Fordsmeder’s Proto-Germanic Dictionary

Wright’s Old High German Primer

Old English Translator

Old Frisian Dictionary (In German)

English – Old Frisian Dictionary

Old Saxon Dictionary (in German)