Our Friends

Allodium Francorum – An excellent resource for those interested in Thia Frankisk Aldsido (Frankish Heathenry).

Senobessus Bolgon – Up and coming website for those interested in practicing the religion of the Belgic tribes.

Hellenic Faith – An informative website dedicated to Julian Hellenism, a form of Later Graeco-Roman polytheism

Blogs of Note


Wind in the Worldtree

The Welsh Heathen

Weiss Alb Hearth

Seolfor Cwylla Heorþ

Of Axe and Plough


Tegoslougos Carnobodua

Germanic Language Resources


Frankish Dictionary (in German)

Bosworth & Toller Anglo-Saxon dictionary 

English-Gothic Dictionary

Glossary from Joseph Wright’s Grammar of the Gothic Language

Gutiska Waurda

English-Old Norse Dictionary

Old High German Dictionary

Etymological Dictionary of Proto-Germanic

Fordsmeder’s Proto-Germanic Dictionary

Wright’s Old High German Primer

Old English Translator

Old Frisian Dictionary (In German)

English – Old Frisian Dictionary

Old Saxon Dictionary (in German)