What Makes a Fyrnsidere

Author’s Note: This article was originally posted to “Sundorwīc” on April 6, 2020. It is posted here with permission.


A Fyrnsidere offers regular prayer and worship to the “Anglo-Saxon” Gods to bring favour to his hearth, home and family. They understand obligation to their kin, whether they be blood or chosen.


A Fynsidere knows that the Gods are many, real and immanent, with a vested interest in the doings of our world.


A Fyrnsidere knows that action adds strata to the Well of Wyrd and that they are defined by those actions.


A Fyrnsidere strives to do right action and maintain a good reputation and judge others according to theirs. They do not discriminate against others based on their race, sexual orientation, gender, or any immutable characteristic.


A Fyrnsidere understands that reconstruction is a methodology and that informed innovation has its place in a real, living religion. They are not averse to syncretism or comparative study and realize that culture and polytheism are fluid and changing things.


A Fyrnsidere is wort-cunning and has an understanding and appreciation of plants and their many applications. A Fyrnsidere recognizes the divinity in the natural world and offers propitiatory gifts and gestures to the wihta dwelling there.


A Fyrnsidere understands the liminal and offers gifts at natural sites like lakes, streams, wells and bogs.


A Fyrnsidere understands the dichotomy of the sacred/profane and thus tries to observe ritual purity when communing with divinities.


A Fyrnsidere understands do ut des and how that plays into their relationship with human beings and the numinous.


A Fyrnsidere recognizes the religious importance of the home and engages in domestic cultus, supplicating house gods and other household or familial spirits.