Blōstmfrēols: A Holiday of the Larhus Fyrnsida

Author's Note: This article was originally posted to "Of Axe and Plough" on March 17, 2017.  It is posted here with permission. In developing a more comprehensive character to one’s religious identity, inspiration for practice can come readily from scraps of information or otherwise from the barest of inspiration.  As a reconstructionist religion, Fyrnsidu is distinctly [...]

Bīnaman: A Distinctly Fyrnsidere Approach to Divinity

Author's Note: This piece partially builds off of “Prayer in a Heathen Context” and “Prayer in a Fyrnsidu Context”, as a natural continuation of those practices within Fyrnsidu. For practitioners of Fyrnsidu, or other Anglo-Saxon Heathen traditions, there exists a fundamental impasse in the understanding of divinity within strictly “Anglo-Saxon” religious perspectives. The problem is [...]

“Prayer” in a Heathen Context

  Author's note: This was originally posted on 9.19.2016 on "Of Axe And Plough", and is used with permission. For all its claim to empiricism, popular opinions remain barriers to reconstructionist Heathen practice. Whether through misunderstanding, poor scholarship, or emotive clinging to attitudes from previous religious engagements (example: Christian-themed cultural baggage), these opinions tend to shape [...]

Goals, Orientation, and the Future

I tend to view the Lārhūs Fyrnsida website strictly as an educational resource, and I do not tend to use it as a forum for my personal opinions. It is an educational resource for the proliferation of our interpretation of Fyrnsidu within an Anglo-Saxon Heathen context. Any opinion pieces which is shared on the service [...]

On Religious Reconstruction within Paganism: A Methodological Defense

It seems the winds of argumentation within the blogging sphere have once more swung around to the topic of Pagan reconstructionism. Again people are regurgitating the tired rhetoric about the failings of the practice of reconstructionism; the apparent unyielding, archaic, attitude that reconstructionists have towards proper religious expression, their quality and countenance as individuals in [...]