Watering The Roots: Ancestral Reverence In A Fyrnsidu Context

Continuing with the theme of hearth cult, I want to touch base with all of you on one of its central pieces. Essential to Fyrnsidu, and just about any other Heathen or Pagan custom. Ancestors and ancestral reverence. To look at this integral part of practice in both the ancient sense, and see how it [...]

Reconstructing Frīge: Foreknowledge and the Spinning of Fate

Throughout Germanic folklore, Frīge and her epithets are connected to spinning and foreknowledge. These two attributes seem to be interwoven (pun intended), her spinning or weaving acting as a metaphor for her both knowing and thus being able to alter the fate of all beings, as alluded to in Norse sources. “Mad art thou, Loki, [...]

On Religious Reconstruction within Paganism: A Methodological Defense

It seems the winds of argumentation within the blogging sphere have once more swung around to the topic of Pagan reconstructionism. Again people are regurgitating the tired rhetoric about the failings of the practice of reconstructionism; the apparent unyielding, archaic, attitude that reconstructionists have towards proper religious expression, their quality and countenance as individuals in [...]

Finding Tīw

As god of the Þing Tīw was connected to the ‘thing’ or Germanic law assembly. Some of the earliest mentions of a Tīw-like deity in Britain come from inscriptions found at the fort of Vercovicium at Hadrian’s Wall. The inscriptions refer to a ‘Mars Thincsus‘ or a ‘Mars of the Thing‘ and is believed to [...]