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Concerning Arwald, The Last Pagan King of the Isle of Wight

Arwald is a character that has fascinated me for a while now. One of the main reasons for this fascination is because so little is known about him. Many modern heathens wrongly believe Penda of Mercia to be the final pagan Anglo-Saxon king, but that distinction lies with King Arwald the Jute. Nearly all of [...]

On Religious Reconstruction within Paganism: A Methodological Defense

It seems the winds of argumentation within the blogging sphere have once more swung around to the topic of Pagan reconstructionism. Again people are regurgitating the tired rhetoric about the failings of the practice of reconstructionism; the apparent unyielding, archaic, attitude that reconstructionists have towards proper religious expression, their quality and countenance as individuals in [...]

Wyrtlār: Stonecrop

*Disclaimer* Herbal treatments and history featured on the Lārhūs Fyrnsida are presented in a historic, folkloric, or otherwise informational context. No aspect of these entries should be misconstrued as providing medical advice. Stonecrops (Sedum spp.) are a hardy type of ground-cover succulent, native to Eurasia. There are also two species of stonecrop (Sedum lanceolatum and [...]

Finding Tīw

As god of the Þing Tīw was connected to the ‘thing’ or Germanic law assembly. Some of the earliest mentions of a Tīw-like deity in Britain come from inscriptions found at the fort of Vercovicium at Hadrian’s Wall. The inscriptions refer to a ‘Mars Thincsus‘ or a ‘Mars of the Thing‘ and is believed to [...]

Finding Bēowa

Information concerning Bēowa is sparse, even by Anglo-Saxon standards. Modern polytheists and academics alike have to tried to link him to a several different characters , the most predominant of them being John Barleycorn and the Geatish hero, Beowulf. Most of the proponents of the Bēowa-as-Beowulf theory seem to be wading in dangerously speculative waters. [...]